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Get Inspired By 19 Fan & Membership Innovators As They Reveal How To Generate Exceptional Fan & Membership Engagement & Next-Level Supporter Experiences

Generate Exceptional Fan & Membership Engagement & Next-Level Supporter Experiences: Create Powerful Digital, Social Media & Content Strategies & Cultivate Outstanding Match Day & Onsite Experiences • Deploy Value-Adding New Tech Confidently • Showcase Benefits To Boost Recruitment, Increase Conversions & Incentivise Loyalty • Leverage Supporter Insights To Deliver Measurably-Improved Fan & Member Lifetime Value

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 28th April 2021, Central London

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Rebecca Edwards-Symmons
Head of Commercial
Swansea City Football Club

 Digital Engagement

09.10 Harness The Power Of Digital To Generate Excitement & Interaction Throughout The Entire Fan & Member Experience

  • Anytime, anywhere! Refine your channel mix to capitalise on digital reach opportunities, drive engagement and build in benefits beyond the on-the-day experience
  • When every click counts, how can you identify pain points and preferred platforms to optimise the digital customer journey and build excitement into every interaction?
  • Priced out of big budget tech? Exploring digital quick wins to boost fan and member engagement and spend
  • Seamlessly blend digital engagement with traditional communications for the ‘whole package’ customer experience

Speaker To Be Announced - Please Check The Website For Updates

 Fan & Member Experiences - Panel & Q&A

09.30 Fan-Centric Strategies Which Exceed Expectations & Deliver ‘Members Only,’ Exclusive Experiences

  • From player stats to exclusive backstage interviews to members-only perks… go above and beyond to build on the fan experience, create that buzz and give them 'money can’t buy,’ genuine experiences
  • Queue times, ticket offices, cleanliness, atmosphere… think outside the box to innovate and improve the factors that make or break your customer experience
  • Tangible ways to interpret experience, benchmark operations against what customers expect and close the loop to deliver supporter-led improvements which surprise and delight!

Katie Elston,
Head of Marketing & Communications
Royal Albert Hall

Rich Cheary
PT SportSuite

Sam Williamson
Digital & Social Media Manager
Leicester Tigers

Danny Lee
Head of Ticketing
Swindon Town FC

 Engaging Content

10.00 Keep Fans & Members Interested & Coming Back For More With Premier-Division-Standard Content Strategies

  • Analyse platform choice, channel and messaging performance, tone and frequency to ensure you’re at the top of your content game!
  • Achieve exclusivity by determining how standard content strategies should vary from the special content reserved for your members
  • Written by fans, for fans! Leverage fan passion and user-generated content to include fan-driven messaging in marketing campaigns
  • The personal touch! Flex your tone of voice and content to be in tune with your audience
  • Balance sponsorship-driven or promoted content with your authentic brand voice to add value to partnerships while still hitting the mark with your fans

Jesse Ringham
Head of Content
Serpentine Galleries



10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

 Social Media

10.50 All The Latest News Delivered To Their Phone! Next-Level Strategies To Authentically Engage With Fans & Members On Social Media

  • Which platforms are your followers on? Adapt your strategies to deliver engaging social media strategies to them which foster engagement and drive excitement
  • What are the opportunities to actively target new, younger demographics on social media to create the next generation of fans?
  • Engage with online fan and supporter groups to build your tribe, incorporate their ideas, passions and user-generated content into the club culture and encourage interactivity
  • Make the most of the informality of social media to give the super fan their fix of ‘behind the scenes’ content which increases their inclusion and identification with the brand
  • Go beyond the standard content or event-based posts with content and fresh updates that keep people coming back to your feed

Sam Williamson
Digital & Social Media Manager
Leicester Tigers

 Match Day! - Panel & Q&A

11.10 Ensure The Build Up Doesn’t Fall Flat: Cultivate Exceptional Match Day Experiences Which Excite Fans, Create A Day-Out & Increase Stadium Spend

  • Tap into just what your supporters want to create varied on-the-day experiences tailored to your fan base
  • AI, VR, AR, apps: what are the (cost-effective!) methods to enhance the game experience and engage with a digitally-native demographic?
  • Meet and greets, food experiences, photobooths and half-time performances… explore opportunities to extend the experience beyond 90 minutes for a full day out
  • From toilet queues, to bad weather, to 5-0 losses, overcome common match-day excitement dampeners with quick, easy, atmosphere-boosting tactics to ensure your fans still have a fantastic day out
  • The Americans are leading the field – what are tips and takeaways we can apply on this side of the pond?

Nick Stroudley
Head of Digital
Lord's Cricket Ground




Sean Jarvis
Huddersfield Town Football Club




Learnings From The Field - Tactics To Build Fan Engagement

11.45 Case Study With Imagen

  • Observations from Imagen’s extensive fan research, and established customer base of leading sports properties
  • From boomers to Gen Z, the way sports fans consumption of sports content is changing
  • Discover what new content fans are looking for, and how to deliver it to them
  • Find out just how much impact influencers are having on young sports fans
  • Learn how content can be effectively re-purposed and monetised

Will Pitt
Head of Sport

 Grow Your Fan Database By 10X

12.10 Learn How Leading Sports Teams & Associations Around The World Have Been Building Their Fan Database & Improving Fan Engagement & Monetization. See Case Studies & Practical Examples From PGA Tour, Major League Baseball, Top 6 Premier League Teams, UEFA & Others.

Adam Istrate
Strategic Account Executive
Cheetah Digital

12.30 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

13.00 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Coronavirus Response

Share best practice with your peers about the immediate impact of coronavirus on business operations and strategy, how to minimise blows to the bottom line and reinforce business resilience during uncertain times.

B) Family Time!

C) Video

D) On The Day (Non Sporting)

E) Ticketing

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Rebecca Edwards-Symmons
Head of Commercial
Swansea City Football Club

 Fan & Membership Recruitment

13.40 Elevate Your Fan & Membership Recruitment Activities To Showcase Supporter Benefits, Increase Conversions & Welcome Passionate, Excited Newcomers

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships which generate excitement and convince one-time ticket purchasers to invest their time and hard-earned money to become long-term supporters
  • Convey membership benefits and unique selling points which prove value and overcome barriers to conversion
  • Identify advocates and enthusiasts to enhance your community building and open the door for new audiences
  • You understand your target market, but how do you target new markets you don’t understand?

David Jackson
Marketing Director
Durham Cricket

 Loyalty, Retention & Renewal - Panel & Q&A

14.00 How Can You Incentivise Loyalty? Cultivate Long-Term Relationships & Renewal & Re-Engage Fans & Members Whose Interest Has Dipped

  • Overcome the year one renewal hurdle by exploring pricing structures, increased benefits packages and those key moments to interject and influence renewal
  • Leverage CRM and membership databases for proactive, data-savvy approaches and personalised membership deals which increase loyalty, retention and spend
  • What is the magic spark to reignite interest in lapsed fans and members?
  • Are people generally less likely to maintain memberships? Tactics to compete with busy lives, tight budgets and the draw of a Netflix and sofa session

Alison Fraser
Head of Marketing
Science Museum




Laura Tringham
Senior Marketing Manager
Northampton Saints




Marek Borowik
Head of Customer Marketing
Formula 1 ®

Ally Spicer
Head of Ticketing
Saracens RFC




Sian Hoggett
Head of Membership & Customer Relationship Management
The British Museum




Sam Holding
Head of International

 Case Study

14.40 What We Learnt About Audiences And Content Strategy After 1.5 Years Of Tracking Premier League Club Fan Engagement

  • An overview of our weekly Football Fan Engagement Index and the methodology behind it
  • A detailed look at the themes and strategies we have seen top performing clubs use to engage their audience on social channels
  • How UK/US organisations are finding unexpected new audiences abroad: from Egypt, to Mexico, to Japan

Sameer Shag
Associate Research Director

 Measuring Lifetime Value: Engagement & ROI

15.10 Measure Fan & Member Engagement & Activation Levels To Attribute ROI & Commercial Success To Engagement Activities

  • Go beyond NPS to accurately measure and benchmark member and fan engagement
  • You’ve got an engaged audience? Great! But how does that shape up in terms of spend, interaction, renewal and loyalty?
  • What about activities that don’t show up on a spreadsheet? Reconsider the metrics set to gauge customer success
  • Tactics to attribute tangible return to your fan and member engagement activities
  • Quality vs. quantity: strengthening engagement with fans and members who contribute the most to the fan experience – and the company bottom line

Speaker To Be Announced - Please Check The Website For Updates.

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

 Data, Insights & Behaviours

16.00 Tap Into Member & Fan Data & Behaviours For Audience-Led, Insight-Driven & Future-Proofed Customer Strategies

  • Make sense of fan and member data for meaningful insights into their interests, preferences, interaction and engagement levels
  • As social and customer behaviour is changing, what can we expect from our supporters – and what are they expecting from us?
  • Insights into the younger generations coming through: how do their leisure, spending habits and values differ from what we already know?
  • As digital channels open us up to new markets, how can organisations understand local vs international audiences?
  • Close the loop: feed data and insights into the member and fan funnel to inform ongoing customer strategies and sketch out future experiences and journeys

Victoria Barlow
Head of Membership & Ticketing
Badminton England






16.20 Demonstrate Increased Fan Engagement To Strengthen Commercial Partnerships & Increase Sponsorship

  • What are they looking for? Use different KPIs to demonstrate fan engagement levels and build the business case for corporate partnerships
  • Show the business value of fan and member engagement initiatives to the rest of the business, including the sponsorship department
  • How can sponsorship be leveraged to produce better fan engagement experiences?
  • Balance #ad, sponsored or promotional content with genuine fan interest for engaging, value-adding content

Speaker To Be Announced - Please Check The Website For Updates.

16.40 Chair’s Closing Remarks

Rebecca Edwards-Symmons
Head of Commercial
Swansea City Football Club

16.50 Official Close of Conference